Autumn Evening

As I walked old trails with a young dog last evening, our world was lovely and quiet. Especially so after the previous day’s windstorm, the one that pushed over the screen at the drive-in theater. I sauntered, scanning for spoons among fallen branches while my mind fumbled for a line from a recently-read essay:

Now that Autumn’s silence is upon the land, one can hear the big, enduring voices which seldom shout the things they have to say.

Hal Borland, “The Enduring Voices” (originally published in the New York Times, 1962)

In response to the sirens of hurry and restlessness, a fall evening whispers words of calm and continuity.

Early in our walk, the rays of the dropping sun bridged the fields of goldenrod, illuminating the bare branches of the maples beyond. A century and a half ago and four hundred miles away, Emily Dickinson wrote what might be a fitting caption:

Frequently the woods are pink —

Frequently are brown;

Frequently the hills undress

Behind my native town.

Emily Dickinson, from Poem XXXVI

Simple as it sounds, it speaks to me of broad patterns and deep assurances. Wishing you peace in autumn, and a good walk.

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13 Responses to Autumn Evening

  1. francedozois says:

    the light is amazing in the fall. And just recently discovered Hal Borland.

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  2. Barry Gordon says:

    Dave- Your sensitivity to the beauty of landscape and language is reflected in your work.

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  3. Peter Lamb says:

    As always, I Love your reflections, Dave.
    You may know that Bill Coperthwaite’s homestead property is called Dickinsons Reach in honor of his favorite poet, Emily Dickinson🌿


  4. Scott Kinsey says:

    Thanks, Dave.
    Doc, Mack and I are just about to take one.


  5. Drew Knowland says:

    I love reading your reflections on nature and your photos from walks in the woods as much I appreciate the beauty of your carvings, Dave!

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  6. Michael O’Brien says:

    Lovely thoughts for Fall. Thanks David.


  7. Emil says:

    Wishing you and the fam all the same Dave.


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