Shop Tip with Chip


I am savoring some restorative carving time this weekend, but just wanted to take a moment to share this stumbled-upon shop tip.

I’ve been using this simple elm bench for various things for years.  I had never permanently affixed the legs until recently when I drove them back into the tapered mortises along with some liquid hide glue.  As I put away the glue, I heard a licking sound and turned to see Chip lapping up the bit of glue squeeze out around the legs.  Apparently, the smell of that animal protein was irresistible.  I couldn’t have done a better job myself.  So put away your rags and sponges and find a dog (if you’re using natural hide glue).

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11 Responses to Shop Tip with Chip

  1. szienceman says:

    Haha! That’s a great idea. I too am savoring some shop time this weekend. We started back to school this week (I teach high school science) and all the changes to digital presenting and managing is exhausting. I have a big slab of elm I kept from a downed tree years ago. You’ve inspired me to turn into a low bench so I can secure my bowl blanks to it. Thanks for sharing all your insights. I just started carving a month or so ago and I’ve found your blog and website of tremendous value.


  2. Michael Slyzyk says:

    I hope you’re paying him a fair wage – plus bone-us

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  3. Scott Thomas says:

    Chip looks like a young version of the past. He’ll be sniffing out spoon wood like Sam before you know it. (Nov. ’17) Enjoy the walks to come.


  4. Bob Easton says:

    Do I have to name the new dog Chip?


  5. Scott Kinsey says:

    Like Chip, Doc and Mack excel at discovering and taking advantage of unusual dining experiences.

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  6. Skip Florey says:

    Just like our dog best friends. They do like to help and please us

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