Roy and Russ

I am one among many who have fond memories of watching Roy Underhill on his long-running PBS series “The Woodwright’s Shop.”  Nothing beats Roy in the flesh, but you can at least join him live online this evening.  The Center for Art in Wood is hosting a talk with Roy live on ZOOM at 6:30 pm EDT today, July 28.  So many people, including myself, have been influenced and inspired by Roy, and he’s not slowing down.

And speaking of inspiration, Fine Woodworking’s Ben Strano just posted a wonderful interview he conducted with an amazing craftsman and person, Russ Filbeck.  I found Russ’ story fascinating and his attitude uplifting.  I think you’ll enjoy it:


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1 Response to Roy and Russ

  1. treenworks says:

    I’m looking forward to Roy’s discussion. RSVP’d last night


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