The Winter of Our Content

0301200841b_Burst01March is here and Spring is around the corner.  But I walked slowly and savored winter this morning.  That corner will get here soon enough.

The bright early sun had yet to get the best of the overnight cold, and the crystalline-edged snow draped across river rocks like frosty sea urchins.



The winter magic transformed even a silt covered oak leaf.


The slowly receding water left topographical patterns in ice.


Grand chandeliers hung beneath fallen trees over the Little Shenango.


And some pendant lights.


Ice covered the smallest branches and caught the sun.


And the light glowed through papery beech leaves that will soon make way.


This opening in the snow seemed like a portal into the next season.  Soon enough.



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12 Responses to The Winter of Our Content

  1. Scott Thomas says:

    Dave, your photography and descriptions of the nature around you are as appreciated and talent showing as your work with axe, adze and knife. I hope that someday you’ll consider putting together a book of your photos, words, sketches and how-tos. From what I read on this forum I think it would be a mighty good seller not only here in the USA but across the pond in both directions as well.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thank you Scott. I hadn’t intended to take any photos, so I just had my phone with me to snap the shots. Glad you like them. I’d like to get something together sometime. I appreciate the vote of confidence!


  2. Rick Schuman says:

    Ahhh. Thanks. We didn`t get any of that this year. Even with another month to go we will likely still not get any. Looking for great swarms of mosquitoes and herds of ticks thi Summer.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      We had a mild winter as well Rick, and I suspect those ticks will soon be happily waiving their arms to grab my pantlegs. In fact, they were doing so much of this winter — but not this morning!


  3. Skip Florey says:

    Beautiful Dave. Nature is wonderful. We dont have your hard winters where I’m at, but I was born here so I don’t know any better 🙂

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  4. Barry Gordon says:

    Wondrous-a gift to us via your splendid talent for observation!

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  5. Jed Dillard says:

    Nice photos!
    As above, many look but do not see.

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  6. sorornishi says:

    Great set of photos. Thanks

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  7. Chris G says:

    You obviously have a good eye. Period. Your ability to take something that you see and make others see it is a real talent.

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  8. Liz says:


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  9. onerubbersoul says:

    We had no such “luck” in New Jersey this year. it was a mild winter. Beautiful post, Dave.

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