A Few New Spoons


I just finished four new spoons.  All are from crooks with a surface straight from the knife.  Flaxseed oil finish.  Ready for action.  If you see one you’d like, send me an email at dandkfish@gmail.com or leave a comment.  I’ll get back to you to confirm.  A check in the mail or paypal works fine for me.  All prices include shipping.

The first one features “Esurio” carved into the handle.   That’s Latin for “I’m hungry.”  I thought it was appropriate for this big serving spoon carved from a rhododendron crook.  11 1/2″ long and 3 1/2″ wide.  $200 includes shipping.  Update: SOLD



The second one is a from a cherry tree that had developed some deep coloring before it fell.  I decided to let this wood speak for itself.  This one is especially comfortable for left-handers to use.  9 3/4″ x 3″.  $125 includes shipping. Update: SOLD




The third one is a slotted serving spoon.  Sap pockets are sometimes present in cherry, and a long one ended up right through the bowl.  Rather that tossing it, I opened up two more spots and now it will drain your beans.  10 3/4″ x 2 3/4″.  $100 includes shipping.  Update: SOLD



And the fourth one is a sharply bent Norway maple server.  10″ x 2 3/4″.  $180 includes shipping.  Update: SOLD




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7 Responses to A Few New Spoons

  1. tl m says:

    Hi David.   Any of them left?  I like them all. 


  2. tl m says:

    Hi David,  It’s Terry Mulhollan, again.  Didn’t know if the first email got through to you. 

    All spoons are terrific.  I’d like two of them if they are available.  Slotted spoon and either #1 or #2?  Thanks.


  3. Jed Dillard says:

    Gorgeous work.
    Want to say as usual, but that could erroneously construed to be dismissive of such a high standard of work. And that is not the case.

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  4. Philip Green says:

    Hi Dave

    Now that I have gotten my breadth back, I just want to ask whether all of them were carved with the bowl on the barkside? Did you use the adze to form the bowl on them, as you demonstrated at Spoonfest?

    All the best



    • Dave Fisher says:

      Hi Philip. Yes, the bark was the top side on all four of these. That is almost always the case with crooks in my experience. The bottom side of the crook often has a branch coming through the piece, the reason for the crook itself. The upper side is clear. I did use the adze to cut across the grain and form the top of the bowl and continued along to rough out the upper side of the handle — just like I demonstrated at Spoonfest.


  5. onerubbersoul says:

    I’m running out of adjectives to describe your work, Dave. Magnificent!


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