Contemporary Greenwood Exhibition


This “Folded Lowback” chair by Peter Galbert is among the items on display at the Contemporary Greenwood exhibition in Rockport, Maine.

Back at the beginning of September, I mentioned a couple upcoming exhibitions in this post.  Now, one has wrapped up (I think) and the other is still in full swing.

Many of the items on display at the Contemporary Greenwood Exhibition can now also be viewed on the CFFC website, so if you can’t make it up to Maine, you can check out the pieces at this link.

Lot’s of inspirational work like Pete’s chair to kick your imagination and hands into gear.

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3 Responses to Contemporary Greenwood Exhibition

  1. Alfred Kraemer says:

    That is a stunning not just because of the folded arm rest – I think that is what the name refers to.
    I immediately wondered why he folded the arm rests inward rather than outward. Have to think that one through. Galbert must have had a good reason for his choice.

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    • Dave Fisher says:

      It is indeed stunning. It seems to me that it would feel great cradling your back and your arms wrap around the form down to the level hand rests. I love how the seat mirrors that form, with the back surface folding over toward the seat surface as it comes round the side, ready to accept the post to support the arm. Also, I find the lack of a spindle deck interesting. I like how the form of the seat rises through the spindles right back to the back edge of the chair. That would add another layer of difficulty (I would suppose), but Pete’s up to the challenge of course.


  2. Skip Florey says:

    The chair is beautiful. I think if the arms were folded out, it would be uncomfortable. The arms folding in are cradling you forearms are more comfortable seem more natural. If out they are higher and I think not naturally flowing


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