travelers painting cma

Travelers in Hilly Countryside (c. 1650), Aelbert Cuyp  Image courtesy of Cleveland Museum of Art

Later this week, I’ll be leading my donkey to Tampa for Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Hands On event.  Kate Swann and her crew down at the Florida School of Woodwork have been hard at work getting things ready for classes for eight instructors.  Carl Johnson posted a short video of the tree we’ll turn into bowls:

In June, Plymouth CRAFT is letting me return for a special five days of carving along with JoJo Wood.  JoJo will be teaching spoon carving and I’ll be teaching bowl carving.  Each of us will be teaching two classes June 7-8, and June 10-11 with a spooncarving “melee” in between on the 9th.


This one will be in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts.  We’ll have a great time.  Registration opens this Saturday, February 2.  Check out the details at this link.


By the way, the image at the top of this post is thanks to the Cleveland Museum of Art joining a growing number of museums digitizing their collections and making them accessible to the public, in many cases free of any restrictions.  CMAs mission is to “create transformative experiences through art, for the benefit of all the people forever,” and this move is meant to foster that.  Read more about it here, including a link to search the collection.  And if you ever have a chance to travel to Cleveland, be sure to check out the museum in person.  I had the museum guards following me around there one time.  I must have been  looking so hard at stuff that I raised their suspicions.  Or maybe it was the glass cutter.

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6 Responses to Travels

  1. Chuck says:

    Are you allowed to move the tree from North Carolina to Florida? Lots of restrictions these days intended to prevent movement of invasive bugs etc — here in Maryland we’re not supposed to transport raw logs/firewood between some counties. Maybe if you remove the bark….


    • Jed Dillard says:

      Citrus and other live plants are the biggest issue. I took a quick look at Ag regs but didn’t see anything about what is probably considered fire wood.
      I commend you on choosing poplar.


  2. Gary Renfroe says:

    Cleveland Art Museum – A great collection in an architectural delightful building Hanging out in the atrium on a cold Ohio day for lunch and coffee is a treat.

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  3. Mark says:

    Safe travels…see you in Tampa!

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  4. Barry Gordon says:


    I’ve just tried to send you an email and the address on your website keeps getting kicked back. Could you please send me an email address that would work for me to send you a message?

    Thanks, Barry >


  5. Dave Fisher says:

    Hmmm…The email address there is correct, Barry. Should be

    Let me know if you try again and it still won’t go through. Thanks.


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