Raise Your Handles


The handles on this just-finished walnut bowl really grab me.  They rise up from the edge of the hollow and extend broadly in a sweeping arc.


Here’s a sketch to explain how I create a waist in the arched blank to allow for the rise at the back of the handles relative to the edge of the hollow.





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6 Responses to Raise Your Handles

  1. frankstrazza says:

    David, your work is awe inspiring! The fluidity of the curves, the elegant simplicity yet subtle sophistication all comes together in perfection. Please keep up the amazing work my friend!

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  2. Scott Thomas says:

    Dave, what can I say? My admiration of your work and process just continues to grow. I still look forward to the day that you’ll be encouraged to put your knowledge, photos and art work in to book form. I’m saving one of your book plates for the occasion.


  3. francedozois says:

    again it’s a beauty–


  4. Raymond says:

    Lovely posst


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