Winter Walnut


Getting my hands on a good walnut log recently, I decided to rough out a few bowls from it, then return to each one individually down the road.  Some of these will be destined for folks that have been waiting for walnut.


The wait for winter is almost over, still a few more days…. but as I look out my workshop window it sure seems to have arrived.


This morning, a junco and a tufted titmouse shared a sunflower seed brunch in the window box.


Their footprints in the snow are a reminder to make some of my own.


Not even out of the yard yet, the holly berries catch my eye. They’ve been there for months, but they stand out in contrast now.


The snow rests like pillow tops on riverside rocks.


Icy pools reflect the streamside trees.


And one of my favorite sycamores has donned a coat of snow.

Now it’s back to the walnut in the shop and the visiting birds.  I noticed that Ben Strano and Jeff Roos have posted the 10th installment of my bowlcarving video workshop at Fine Woodworking Magazine Online.  We’re getting there now, doing the finishing cuts on the inside of the bowl.  So far, in episodes 1-10, that makes nearly four hours of video!  Seemed to go a lot faster for me.  Lots of work for Ben and Jeff, and they’ve done an amazing job.

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11 Responses to Winter Walnut

  1. Emil Dahl says:

    It’s like you live in a different world. So close but so far away, it’s truly hard for an engineer to believe

    The finish of the hollow, achieved only with the adze…smooth….like the surface of fresh snow.

    ….Thinking of PA

    So less poetic…can you explain the video situation please? Dad gets the mag…how did we get to 10! I only flip through there now to look for mention of D🐟. Maybe I’m not reading and just looking at pictures in your blog as well. Busted!


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Emil, I still only have one video workshop on FWW, but they break it up into segments (now parts 1-10 with more to come) and release them as installments as they complete the editing process. A subscription to FWW’s online content gives one access to all of their videos, articles, etc. They don’t announce the release of each new segment of a video in the magazine, but they keep adding them. Since they are not limited to the length of a DVD, they can let me carve and ramble on for a long time! When you get tired of hearing me, just fast-forward.

      Thanks for the compliment, but there are still some adze marks in that hollow, and a bit of gouge clean up has been done as well. Good enough until it dries out. Love your poetic thoughts. If your longing for a PA winter gets the best of you, I’ve got a snow shovel waiting for you!


  2. nrhiller says:

    Beautiful work and beautiful setting.

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  3. treenworks says:

    Dave, as always, thanks for sharing a bit of your world, the wood and the walk are special. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the bowl carving video series on Fine Woodworking.

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  4. Scott Kinsey says:

    I miss that kind of winter. They from one place to another differ yet are equally seductive.
    Thanks, Dave, What a lovely post.

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  5. Scott Thomas says:

    Beautiful. Bowls, birds and peaceful scenery. Looks like an ahhh moment Makes me anxious to hear about the adze I’ve had ordered for some months now. My first. Hopefully soon.


  6. Barry Gordon says:


    That’s a fine group of images-a gift to us.


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  7. John Reed says:

    Thanks David! Feels like I just received a Christmas card from you.

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  8. Timely post David. I was driving in your neck of the woods on Friday evening (The 90 between Erie and Buffalo). No lines on the road, no visibility, no plows in sight, you know, typical winter weather. Fortunately, we took our time and made it one piece. When we arrived at our destination I was contemplating why the heck I live near the winter wrath of the Great Lakes. Then on Sunday, as I drove back on the same stretch of road, the pillowy snow stood out on the bare trees. I was contemplating how anyone could stay away from the winter majesty of the Great Lakes…

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