Dickinsons Reach Calendars


2017 Dickinsons Reach Calendar

I hope I caught you before you went out and bought that cuddly cat calendar.  The 2018 Dickinsons Reach Calendar is available now.  I love the simplicity and understated elegance of these calendars.  One is always hanging right by my workbench, giving me time to chew on and savor the thought provoking poetry or quote each month.

Best of all, the money goes to support the creative vision of Bill Coperthwaite, now carried forward by his friends.  Read about Bill and the Dickinsons Reach Community here.  The information (price, etc.) on the calendar page is all the same for the 2018 version — featuring artworks inspired by time spent at Dickinsons Reach.

And while I’m on the subject of worthy causes, only a few days left in the Emil Milan kickstarter campaign.

And any time spent learning about the work and life of Wharton Esherick is worthy time.  There’s a new 40 minute film available to watch now.



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6 Responses to Dickinsons Reach Calendars

  1. nrhiller says:

    Perfect for my dear husband’s reading room. Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered one.

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  2. Scott Kinsey says:

    I attempted to cuddle my cat, Whitefoot, once when I was a kid and still have the scars to show for it.


  3. Barry Gordon says:

    Thanks David for mentioning the Emil Milan book Kickstarter. The book’s publication is assured but we’re seeking additional funds for producing copies available for general purchase.


  4. Stoyan Popovich says:

    I love Wharton Esherick! been to his studio/ home several times. a trip to the Brandywine area is always a good time to stop by and enjoy is creative life.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      I agree, Stoyan. Wharton Esherick was a genius. His passion for creating, from prints, to furniture/sculpture (synonymous terms to him) is a constant inspiration. His work is sublime. I’m ashamed to say I still need to make the six-hour trip across the state to his place for the first time, but it is sure to be fantastic!


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