Finding Follansbee


When I had a little more hair, and Peter had a little less beard.

Several years ago, as I walked around Plimoth Plantation with Peter Follansbee and his peanut butter and jelly sandwich (it was his lunch break), I realized this was not your average dude.  I had been blown away by the work and methods that Peter had been sharing through his blog, and since that meeting I have come to respect much more than his fine craftsmanship and knowledge.  For his sake, I’ll skip the sentiments and just say that it’s because of Peter’s example that I started this blog, and because of his encouragement that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of Greenwood Fest and meet so many other fascinating people.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Kara Uhl’s recent biographical article about Peter Follansbee, deprive yourself no longer.  It is a story well told.  Then seek an opportunity to meet and/or work with Peter and share in his craftsmanship, humor and wisdom. You’ll be inspired.



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2 Responses to Finding Follansbee

  1. dixislandboy says:

    Hi Dave,
    Very Nice Comments, regarding a Very Nice Guy.
    Hope to see you in Warren, ME.
    Many Thanx, Bill B.


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