Black Walnut Bowl


While not as big as Der Mollenhauer’s bowl, this large bowl will still hold a lot of fruit or bread.  It’s 20 3/4″ long, 12 1/4″ wide, and 4 1/4″ high and carved from a lovely black walnut log.


I decided on a delicate necklace of small nail cuts around the rim.  I think they were just enough to enhance the form a bit while letting the wood speak.


I carved the underside in four curving panels that meet in ridge lines that flow from the corners of the handles to the corners of the bottom.


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6 Responses to Black Walnut Bowl

  1. rick erman says:

    Very Nice !


  2. Earl K. says:

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.


  3. Eric Goodson says:

    Phew. Such a surface! Love the photography as well. You capture them well with that raking light.


  4. Paul Anderson says:

    Looks great!!! Who would have ever thought to use the thumb nail cut on that pattern around the rim. That pattern really looks nice.


  5. Brian Douglas says:

    What a beautiful chocolate beauty she is !! Wonderful Job !!! I do love walnut!


  6. Dave Fisher says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, guys. I appreciate it.


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