On Second Thought…


After considering the whole line-up of Greenwood Fest 2017 pre-fest courses, I’ve decided that we’ll make bowls that have us swinging boldly.  I love bird bowls too, but many of the skills involved in making them are shared by spoon carving and there are many incredible options along those lines available there already.  So we’ll be making the big chips (and eventually some smaller chips) as we carve beautiful and functional bowls from logs in the shade of the trees.  Still two days before registration opens; Paula has things updated and ready to go on the Greenwood Fest site.

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10 Responses to On Second Thought…

  1. Whelp – you might have just made my mind up for which pre-course seminar I am doing. There are so many great options, but this might tip the scale!

    I look forward to seeing you @ GreenWood Fest!


  2. Gene Felder says:

    Same here. I learned much last year and look forward to building on that.


  3. Eric Goodson says:

    So exciting, Dave. Congratulations. I won’t be able to make it this year (again), but I hope to stop by in the evening sometime to catch up.


  4. Joe Olivas says:

    I was one of the lucky ones ready to sign up at 7am (registration actually opened a few minutes early). Classes like this are my only chance to get good, focused learning in, so I am very much looking forward to it. See you in June!


  5. Jen Shrock says:

    Will you possibly do a short course on carving during the event? I would love to attend it, when I am there.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Hi Jen. During the festival itself, I’ll be demonstrating (not a hands-on class) bowl carving and doing the short class session on lettering. So, as far at the demonstrations go, folks are able to go to and from whichever ones they wish, ask questions and discuss things, and all that sort of thing. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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