Dickinsons Reach Calendar 2017


Today, I received in the mail my Dickinsons Reach Calendar for 2017.  I love the simplicity of these durable card stock calendars, and they can be saved for future inspiration and to use as a calendar again — in this case for 2023 and 2034!

Each page of this one features thoughtful quotes paired with the beautiful paintings of Margaret La Farge.  Check it all out here and explore the ongoing efforts of the Dickinson’s Reach Community to encourage continued exploration of Bill Coperthwaite’s ideas.

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4 Responses to Dickinsons Reach Calendar 2017

  1. kneetoknee says:

    Hi Dave, Glad you received it. We think it’s a particularly good set of images this year. Margaret is a close friend and neighbor of Dickinsons Reach. The La Farge (not La Forge) Family is filled with artists and craftspeople included the storied La Farge stain glass and John La Farge, who thought at RISD for many years. Happy to host you anytime at Dickinsons Reach (after Greenwood Fest??).

    All the best for the New Year, Peter

    Peter Lamb Gerrish Island Kittery Point, ME 03905 USA (603) 848-3000 – mobile/text


  2. Dave Fisher says:

    Beautiful images…and ones that make the viewer feel like he is at Dickinsons Reach — at times, in the yurt. Thanks Peter.

    And I’ve now fixed the spelling error; thanks!


  3. sweetgrassjoinery says:

    Good Morning David, -Years ago I discovered a copy of Bill Coperthwaite’s “A Handmade Life” at a Timber Framer’s Guild conference in Virginia. I hadn’t any idea that yet another book and a community of like-minded folks existed until having received this latest post from you! I’m enjoying having a look around the “In Search of Simplicity” website and have located a copy of “A Man Apart” in our local inter-library loan consortium. Many thanks to you and Margaret for this re-connection & re-kindling.


  4. Michael P. Fontane says:

    Where can we buy a 2018 Calendar !!!!


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