Autumn Perspective


When I write about trees and birds and the view from a hilltop, I wonder if they are important in the face of elections, and foreign aid, and taxes, and missiles and satellites.  Then I know that arguments end, men die, and nations rise and fall, but that so long as there is an earth and a procession of the seasons there will be trees and birds and vistas from hilltops.  And unless we are all incredibly stupid and recklessly wicked, there will be men here to see these things in Autumn and to feel, if never wholly to understand, what they signify.

Hal Borland, Countryman: A Summary of Belief (1965)


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7 Responses to Autumn Perspective

  1. Scott Kinsey says:

    Perspective. Thank you.

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  2. kneetoknee says:

    Wonderful post Dave, as always.
    Borland (and Leopold among others) was an early mentor. My Mother and I visited him and his wife at their Connecticut farm in the mid-60s.


  3. hiddenspoons says:

    Nature is so real and simple and provides such a deep happiness found no where else. Thank you for the reminder.


  4. Barry Gordon says:

    Hal Borland-a name from the past, as I recall seeking out his weekly observations in The New York Times. (I may still have some of those as clippings.) How fortunate kneetoknee was to have visited him! Thanks, David, for reminding us of Borland.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      One of the Hal Borland books I have, Sundial of the Seasons, is a collection of excerpts from those New York Times articles, each corresponding with one of the 365 days of the year. Thanks for the comment, Barry.


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