More on the Maine Woods… from Eric

Rhododendron Eating Spoon by Eric Goodson

Rhododendron Eating Spoon by Eric Goodson (on a Rhododendron branch)

In addition to meeting new friends in Maine, I was able to catch up with some old ones, including Eric Goodson.  He even gifted me this lovely eating spoon with a delicately chip-carved handle.  Eating spoons are tricky to get right, but this one works great.  I’ve been testing it out!

Eric writes a thoughtful blog about his carving journey.  His two most recent posts relate some of his experiences in Maine with much more detail and more links than mine.  He also mentions many of the other folks that were there, including Drew and Louise Langsner.  It was the information in Drew’s books and on his website that got me started with bowls years ago.  It was a real pleasure to meet and talk with Drew and Louise in person.

Lot’s of interesting and helpful stuff in Eric’s prior posts as well.  And if you want to know what potential spoon carving gatherings are coming up, Eric is the guy to ask.  Here is the link to Eric’s blog if you missed it above.

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1 Response to More on the Maine Woods… from Eric

  1. Eric Goodson says:

    Thanks for the shout out Dave. Glad we could trade some craft. Will be writing on your spoon soon, along with some from Masashi and Ben.


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