Moth-Inspired Curves


Nature will bear the closest inspection.  She invites us to lay our eye level with the smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain.  She has no interstices; every part is full of life.

– Henry David Thoreau, “Natural History of Massachusetts”

Nature is our model.  It is replete with curves that effortlessly carry the eye and have a sense of life.

– George R. Walker, “Design Matters” column, Popular Woodworking Magazine #219 — August 2015.


A recent visitor looking in my shop window

Moth sketch_NEW

My somewhat idealized view of the curves when looking from a particular angle.  Moth inspiration.

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  1. says:

    David, I find it very interesting how we grow as we pursue our woodworkers journey both in terms of craft and the people we meet along the way. Your review of Chairmaker’s Notebook was right on the money as I have just started to read my copy. Your recent post on Axe sharpening and videos of bowl making make me want to give this a try and the Moth – inspired curves hints at the pinnacle of our craft.



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