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On Flutes and Aging

I don’t know much about cheese or scotch, but I’ve heard they can improve if you just let them sit around awhile.  The same might be said for wood sometimes.  This maple bowl underway is from a log that hung around in … Continue reading

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Overlooked Hooks and Crooks

Here’s to the overlooked.  Like the next guy, I appreciate the smooth curves of a well-made hook knife or the rich brown tones of a piece of walnut.  But last week I devoted some attention to a hook and tree that often go unnoticed. It … Continue reading

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The Carving Fountain of Youth

By now, most of you have probably watched the video featuring Bengt Lidström, renowned Swedish architect and bowl carver.  Recently, I contacted Drew Langsner in an effort to learn more about Bengt.  He informed me of an extensive article about … Continue reading

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Side Panel Carving

A few months ago, I wrote a post about laying out the side panels on this red maple bowl.  Since then, the bowl dried and I carved over the surfaces again with paring cuts.  By the way, calling this “soft … Continue reading

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Tapered Reamers

  A couple people have asked me recently about what I use to make the tapered mortises on things like this low bench (above).  I have used this joint many times, for everything from sawhorses to tables.  I love its … Continue reading

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“Turning” Without a Lathe

Months ago, I had a certain passage of poetry tumbling around in my head, and I envisioned it on a bowl.  But the bowl had to be round, and here I sat without a lathe — sort of. Actually, I do have a … Continue reading

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White Oak Bowl — Hollowing with an Adze

When I have demonstrated at festivals, I have noticed several different types of reactions and comments among observers.  By far, the most common reaction is sincere interest and curiosity that elicits good questions from open minds and enjoyable conversation. However, … Continue reading

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And Now for Something Completely Different….Chestnut

My latest bowl, this boat-inspired piece, came from a Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) tree that grew a couple miles from my home.  In the photo, it is riding on waves of walnut bark on the wood stack.  I’ve got more … Continue reading

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Hooks from Crooks

When splitting branch crooks for spoons, I often end up with a thin split from the upper portion of the crook.  Sometimes such a piece may have potential for a smaller eating spoon, but I also like to use them for wall … Continue reading

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Basking in the Sunshine

The plus side of the cold temperatures lately has been beautiful clear sunny skies.  I propped up this cherry bowl in the window to bask in the sunshine and help along the curing of the flax oil.  I do this … Continue reading

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