Elia’s Class Complete

Last Saturday, Elia Bizzarri and I finished up our live online bowl carving class with the third session, resulting in over 9 hours of bowl carving instruction.

The sessions follow the process, step-by-step from a half log. My resulting sample bowl (seen above and below) began with a cherry log about 8 inches in diameter and 15 1/2″ long. If you lack greenwood, you could follow along and do just fine with a dry length of 4×6 timber, say 14-16 inches long — ideally something like basswood or poplar if you’re working dry wood. While this bowl design is accessible for beginners, the class isn’t just about making a particular bowl. It focuses on the concepts and skills that can be used and adapted for a variety of styles and designs.

Although I did plenty of fumbling around, especially with my web cam, and the whole thing is obviously unscripted, there are some interesting advantages to this format. For one, folks were able to join in from far away. Also, the participants could interject with impromptu questions mid-process, meant that clarifications could be made for the benefit of all. And there were tons of excellent questions! After I demonstrated each step, Elia — accompanied by his high-quality cameras and camerapersons — carried out that step on his bowl while adapting to the equipment and tools available in his shop.

Although the classes have ended, every minute was recorded. If you’d like to access an episode or all three, they are available through Elia’s website, where you’ll find more information including a description of each episode.

Thanks to all of you who participated, and to Elia and his team!

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12 Responses to Elia’s Class Complete

  1. William Bowman says:

    Dave, Elia and crew did an amazing job with these classes. They were informative and inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed the structure used to guide us through the process and the impromptu responses to our questions. It made me feel as if I was in the room with them having a conversation about the skills, tools and techniques.

    Thanks to all for hitting a home run.

    Best wishes to all for a safe and healthy year.


  2. Greg Hott says:

    Thank you so much for the classes. What little I know about carving I’ve learned from YouTube, trial, and error. These videos are such a blessing. They answered many questions and solved many problems. It has been a joy to put these newly learned techniques to use and since I downloaded the videos I can reference them whenever I want.


  3. nrhiller says:

    Just beautiful (the bowl!).


  4. Jay Larkin says:

    I enjoyed the courses immensely and feel much better equipped to pursue bowl carving and green wood working in general. My bowl is much further along than any previous attempts that litter the top shelf in my workshop.

    David says he fumbled around, but I didn’t see that. I appreciated the Q and A and know that I will return to these videos in the future. David and Elias knowledge and experience are a treasure. Please offer more classes like this. Being able to attend remotely was a huge bonus.


  5. Gene Felder says:

    As usual, I always enjoy the time watching and learning from you. I hope the next time is face to face.


  6. Gregory says:

    Even though I’ve been carving these bowls for a few years, these classes were fun, insightful and a joy to participate in. It was nice to be able to ask our questions in person, not just typed for someone else to ask. Your depth of perspective, experience and teaching ability went hand in hand with the rapport between you and Elia.


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