Bowl Horse at Fifteen


It’s been fifteen years since I built my log bowl horse, and it’s still serving well and regularly in my workshop.  I mentioned it in this article, but the focus there is more on building the more portable version from lumber.  The log version is so organic that I’ve not said much about specific dimensions, but after hearing from a couple folks that plan on making log versions of their own, I made the sketch above with some general reference dimensions of mine.  Of course, not much is specifically important and there would be many ways of achieving results that work as well or better, so use what you have available.


The first thing I did when I built mine was bore the 2 1/2″ holes for the legs with a T-handle auger.  Once the legs were driven in, I flipped it over and had nothing more than a log on legs.  Then I moved on to shaping the log.




Many things could work as a pivot pin.  Mine is a shaft from an old broken tubing cutter.


Certainly don’t let not having one keep you from carving bowls.  This is not a necessity, but I’m not giving mine up.  It’s the closest thing I’ll ever have to a Harley.

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11 Responses to Bowl Horse at Fifteen

  1. Michael Slyzyk says:

    A lovely machine to go exploring those magnificent bowls on David – just take it steady when you’re cornering 😀
    I made my lumber one using your plans and though not in the same class as this log one of yours – it’s taken me on some interesting journeys.

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    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks Michael. Glad to hear the lumber version is serving you well. It’s much easier to make, adjust, adapt, and move. It just doesn’t respond the same when I make “vroom vroom” noises.


  2. onerubbersoul says:

    Dave, I don’t think you have to worry about giving yours up…it looks like it would take 4 linebackers just to pick it up. I love my bowl horse…it was fun to build (using Dave’s excellent plans) and works like a charm.

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  3. sorornishi says:

    love it

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  4. hiscarpentry says:

    Hi Dave, when are you writing a illustrated bowl carving book? Your drawing as well as your block prints are amazing!

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  5. Tim Shue says:

    Hey Dave,

    This is the inspiration I need to get this done and checked off of my to do list. Holding things in place is my nemesis. Looking forward to seeing you in Ohio in November!

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  6. Stephen Channon says:

    David thank you so very much, now at last I can build one. I will no longer need to clamp the work between my knees they will be very grateful at 61.

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