Three Minute Bowl

Ben Strano at Fine Woodworking just posted a video condensing my FWW bowlcarving video into three minutes, so if you want it in a nutshell here it is:

Less than two months until the Fine Woodworking Live event in Southbridge, Mass.  I’ll have the axe and adze swinging in a couple demonstrations, and I’ll probably have a chance to throw the drawknife in there as well.  But I’ll start off assisting Peter Follansbee in a hands-on spoon carving class.  I’m really looking forward to catching up with Peter again.  They don’t make ’em any better.  If you haven’t seen his blog post today featuring a beautiful video by Jögge Sundqvist, check it out here.  Pure poetic inspiration as only Jögge can deliver.

Jogge and Peter sketch_NEW

They’ll be together again at Greenwood Fest in June.



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11 Responses to Three Minute Bowl

  1. Emil says:

    The cliff notes version I pretty cool. Kinda a nice quick refresher edition!

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  2. hugo says:

    LOVE your work. Extreme quality. Wish to be able to learn with you one day! Will you be teaching at the FW event or “just” demonstration ? I can not attend the Greenwood Festival this year. Will be at Heartwood School at the same time.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks. I’ll be assisting Peter Follansbee in his one-day spoon carving class on Friday of the event, then a 1 1/2 hour presentation/demonstration Saturday and a repeat on Sunday. I’m still considering specifically what aspects of bowl carving make the most sense to focus on during the time, but it won’t be a hands-on class for the attendees; so not like a class where each student works on his/her own bowl. However, I will be essentially teaching through demonstrating, answering questions, and helping anybody out however I can. My first time for this event, so that’s at least my understanding. Hope to get together with you one way or another someday.


      • hugo says:

        Ok. So i might as well try to get you another time for a real hands on class. I do like Peter a lot! Met him at LN event 2017. Great teacher!


  3. Earl K. says:

    I really appreciate your Fine Woodworking series on Bowl Carving. I’ve watched your YouTube videos at least a dozen times each, but this FWW series helped to fill in the details in an extremely informative way.

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  4. They FWW video series has been amazing. I still have two episodes to go but I’m loving it. Great drawing of Peter and Jögge as well. Peter has a Jerry Garcia look to him that I’m sure he’d appreciate.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Thanks, Shawn. Jeff and Ben did a great job with the video. Peter would probably like the Jerry Garcia connection. If anyone draws me it would be great if it looked a little more like, say, Daniel Craig.

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  5. Scott Thomas says:

    Since I enrolled for the Friday spoon carving class with Peter at FWWL next month, I’m now even more anxious to have the opportunity to learn from you both. I haven’t yet received the adze I ordered several months ago so I look forward to seeing your demo’s in person while waiting to make my own chips. That whole weekend will be a first of its type for me but I’m confident it will be worth the drive.


  6. Eric Goodson says:

    Such a lovely video, Dave. Can’t wait to see the whole shebang. And glad you are working with Peter on the course in MA. I won’t be able to attend, sadly. I am sure it will be great.

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  7. onerubbersoul says:

    Mesmerizing! It’s also Cliff Notes to your techniques and artistry. Just wonderful, Dave.


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