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IMG_3425Like a lot of people, I have stacks of old Fine Woodworking Magazines in my house, and I owe a good deal of my woodworking education to them.  My copies, going back to the 90s, bring back a lot of memories for me.  When a new issue would land in the mailbox, everything slowed down a bit.

Now, about twenty years later, a couple articles I’ve written will appear in Issue #263, due out later this week.  One guides the reader along a carving journey from a log to a bowl like the one below,  illustrated with masterful photos and drawings by Jon Binzen and John Tetreault, respectively.


The other teaches the layout and carving of the necklace around the rim.


Of course, I’m amazed and thrilled.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the folks from Fine Woodworking , and I’ll have more to mention later.  You’ll be able to read the new issue soon, either on your screen or in print.  I’m not here to tell you which option is better, but it’s print of course.



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23 Responses to Fine Woodworking

  1. So looking forward to this.
    Surely this is just the stepping stone you need to get your book started –
    ‘Finding the Curves’ by David Fisher.
    An introduction to the art of crafting one of the Earth’s most abundant resources into bowls of pure beauty.

    There, I’ve done the hard part for you 🙂

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  2. John Reed says:

    I really appreciate your humble approach to the notable stature you’ve come to in the world of wood carving it’s apparent in all your posts. Your blog is always interesting and informative, photography is second to none. Congrats on the upcoming FW issue you belong there. John

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  3. This post just made my morning! I also agree with Bert; based on your previous posts, you would write a wonderful book.

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  4. HEY! Fine, I’ll admit, I prefer print too. Even though I’ve had the PDF for weeks, I committed mail fraud and opened a box of magazines yesterday that were addressed to Betsy. She’s been out and I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s still special to me to thumb through the new issue.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Oh….uh…Ben…Hi! The web-based stuff is great too at Fine Woodworking…really.

      Kidding of course. The web content at FWW is incredible, and is a perfect companion to the hard copy of the magazine. Nice work. Not that I loved the web less, but print more.


  5. Rob Vandiver says:

    This is a well deserved recognition of your craftsmanship and artistry, David. Congratulations.

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  6. Joe says:

    Congrats. That’s quite the honor. Being in Fine Woodworking is on my bucket list of accomplishments for sure.

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  7. onerubbersoul says:

    Nothing like the smell of newsprint in the morning. Congrats!

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  8. Amy says:

    Thrilled, excited, and admittedly, not a little jealous for you… Keep up the most excellent work, Dave, on all these many fronts.

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  9. I will eagerly look for that issue, Dave. I have just the bowl, dried and waiting for this finishing touch! Congratulations to you, friend, and thank you for what you do so well.

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  10. Dave Fisher says:

    Thanks for all the thoughtful comments everyone. I’m excited to see more and more people finding joy in making chips and shavings, and I hope the articles will contribute to that.

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    • B. J. Parker says:

      I know I’m comment bombing a bit, but this seems like a good time/place. Because of accidentally stumbling upon your site three years ago, I’ve been carving since. I’m in my painting studio most of the time, but take breaks and go out to the wood shop/studio. During these times, I’ve carved several small bowls and numerous spoons. When people see them, I always direct them back to you. Thanks for sharing so much of your art and insight into how you make it.

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  11. Tim Graham says:

    Got FW263 in the mailbox today.
    Wonderful article, informative and very effectively photographed.

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  12. Just got my issue today. I did not realize you had a few more articles on my favorite magazine. What a bonus! As always, written with such clarity and simplicity. And such beautiful work. You HAVE to write a book. Constantly amazed by your artistry and craftsmanship. Bravo!

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  13. Ken Pollard says:

    I hardly ever by print copies these days, but I did buy that issue this morning, at the grocery store! Nicely done.

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  14. treenworks says:

    Just read the articles last night. I am especially grateful for the information on the decorative chip carving. The way you simplify the layout makes me believe I can make my first attempt, and I even have a dry bowl. Thanks for including the specs on the v tool and skew chisel.


    • Dave Fisher says:

      Glad to hear that. Thanks. The layout shouldn’t be a problem. Take your time and get things all set with the pencil precisely, so that you don’t have to think about any of that once the carving starts. You can also practice the layout and the carving on any scrap board too. Just draw on an imaginary bowl rim/handle and go through the layout and carving procedures. Have fun.

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      • treenworks says:

        Will do. I keep my earliest bowls around to practice new skills. At some point they are either going to be a cacophony of kolrosing, chip carving, decorative carving, paint colors, or kindling. And thanks for the information and encouragement. I was at Peter’s class last weekend. Your name came up a few times.


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