The Ongoing Journey of Drew and Louise Langsner

img_1058There was a time when I didn’t know an adze from a hoe in the ground, then I found Drew Langsner.  Here was a guy who could make anything from a tree, and explain the process in writing so that even I could understand it.  His Green Woodworking book and this article were my guides as I started really sorting out how to carve bowls.  If you don’t have his books, you’re missing out.

Me (left) talking with Drew and Louise Langsner in Maine, 2015  (photo by Peter Follansbee)

Although Drew and I had corresponded a bit, I had never met him in person.  So I was thrilled to get a chance to talk with him and his wife Louise at a Lie-Nielsen event in Maine a couple years ago.  I’m looking forward to catching up again at Greenwood Fest this year, where they will be Guests of Honor.

Today, Drew and Louise sent out this newsletter informing everyone of the “closing down” process for Country Workshops.  Included are reminders of the past, news of the present, and thoughts on the future.

There is also some exciting news for the many folks out there seeking the quality tools that Drew has supplied through Country Workshops.  Drew provided unique access to only the best quality tools long before they were in the present state of wild demand. Now Kenneth and Angela Kortemeier will be stepping in to supply many of the same tools through their new craft school in Maine.  I enjoyed talking a bit with Kenneth in Maine, and he is a great guy. Hopefully, Drew taught him how to sweet-talk Hans Karlsson.

As you can see in the newsletter, Drew is enjoying his new fantastic explorations in art. He and Louise are sure to continue living lives with the same spirit of adventure and curiosity evident in their first book, Handmade, published in 1974.  In it they travel through Europe, sharing and documenting the lives, homes, food (check out Louise’s Garden Kitchen blog) and traditions of rural villagers.  The Afterword begins with, “Looking back, as well as ahead, we see our year abroad as the beginning of a much longer journey.”  That journey continues and has already touched the lives of many, many people — myself included. Here’s to Drew and Louise and their new adventures.




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7 Responses to The Ongoing Journey of Drew and Louise Langsner

  1. Curt Seeliger says:

    Thank you for posting this. They and their classes are greatly enjoyed.

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  2. Emil says:

    I got so excited about this blog I couldn’t even read the whole thing. I talked to Drew twice and last time he said he was winding down. I thought to myself about all the classes I could have took. I got a couple of his last 6 or 7 tools and actually that is why I was asking about the straight gouges. Lol. I wish I could meet him and his wife; family. I am happy to be apart of this blog and I love the opportunity Drew and you David have given to us. I look forward to the opportunities that the Maine Coast Craft School recommended by Drew offers. Long live spoon, bowls, green woodworking and the masters of the art. Thank you Drew for your pioneering. Thank you David for your mastery.

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  3. Tico Vogt says:

    When our kids were young we camped on their property while I studied Swedish woodenware with Drew. It was a memorable week and we use the fruit bowl and spoons daily that were made from that experience.

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  4. Kenneth Kortemeier will be an excellent and worthy successor. His new school promises all that Country Workshops offered and more. Worth checking out.

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  5. Thanks, Dave, for all of that—but especially the link to Louise’s blog! It’s really great, and now I am looking even more forward to meeting her! We certainly share many of the same obsessions…

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  6. Scott Kinsey says:

    Not a day goes by that I don’t play my fiddle sitting in the chair I made at Country Workshops. The same goes for my dreaming of Louise’s pizza. Those two touched and enriched the lives of everyone fortunate enough to have crossed their paths. This will continue.

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