Spring has Sprung


Last weekend, we had snow and lows in the teens — Winter’s last gasp, I think.  Today’s warm sun put me in the mood to snap these shots of some of the bird bowls I’ve been roughing out in preparation for Greenwood Fest.   Now I’m off to keep carving on them — outside!



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8 Responses to Spring has Sprung

  1. Scott Kinsey says:

    Mid-80’s here this week… and that puts one foot squarely into summer. We did have way more of a Spring this year than is the norm and it has been delightful.
    The birds look mighty happy there, Dave.


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  2. Love those, Dave!!! Leave them there too long and they just might filll up with baby birds!! 😉

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  3. Tad says:


    The darker one in the middle stands out for some reason..all of them look great.


  4. schmidtwj says:

    Really looking forward to bird bowl class at Greenwood Fest!


  5. Bob Eddy says:

    If all goes as planned I hope to see these bowls at Greenwood Fest. Seeing the bowls closer to “finished” is anticipation almost the same as opening day of fishing season when I was growing up.



  6. Eric Goodson says:

    So cool, Dave. Love the photo. Have a blast at Greenwood Fest.


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